when feathers appear

we have been taking inspiration from old harp manuscripts since we first started working together - one of our earliest gigs was spun around tunes from the ancient Welsh Robert ap Huw manuscript

for this new record Catriona chose old Scottish laments and melancholic melodies, and we set about weaving our magic with them and composing new music

on the title track Catriona bows the harp with a Brasilian fiddle (rabeca) bow

Alistair stretches and warps the sounds into long drones, delicate textures

a thunderstorm rumbles around the hills and the rain clears the air; the North Atlantic marches up the beach; a crow listens

beginnings in disguise (royal lament)  /  against the wind  /  the transformation (macgregor of roro’s lament)  /  when feathers appear  /  evanescent (the harper’s dismissal)  /  divine messengers (you’ve left me feeling melancholy)  /  ae fond kiss (rory dall’s port)  /  

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