Three journeys
starting in the woods &
travelling to places real & imaginary

57°26’41” N, 2°46’11”W
sunny intervals, wind light to moderate

recorded live in Battlehill Woods, an ancient forest in Aberdeenshire, Scotland at midsummer in 2009

sounds from Battlehill Woods, the Deveron & Bogie rivers, Dummuie wind farm, the North Sea and forests in faraway places

speakers hanging from the trees the birds joined in, singing along…

Skimmerin’ is a Scots word listed in Chambers’s Scots Dictionary as having eighteen different meanings including “shimmering or glittering”.

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 seaward through quiet skies  /  at the back of the north wind  /  salted with fire

images: Robert Dow, design: Lucy Kendra, words: Angus Peter Campbell

supported by Deveron Arts, Scottish Arts Council, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, , PRS Foundation, and the Heritage Lottery Fund